Wool Blanket & Matching Mohair Breast Collar

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100% heavy Wool Saddle Blanket is 34”x34” with matching 100% Mohair Breast Collar, 36” ring to ring plus leather tugs and center strap.

Contact me if you have a blanket you would like me to make a matching breast collar for!  Bjarne 303-901-1585  

Handcrafted with 100% Mohair and yarn from the Navajo Reservation in SE Utah. Leather is hand cut and sewn by lovely Amish family in Ohio. 

My breast collars are incredibly durable and tough, handmade and very breathable for the comfort of your horse. No more hairloss due to hard leather rubbing or excessive sweating. 100% Mohair, with handcrafted leather tugs and centerpiece.  Custom orders for tripping collars, pulling collars or specific breast collar designs and matching cinches are available upon request, please contact us. 303-901-1585